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An effective therapeutic approach to battling depression, stress and anxiety

At any moment, one in five people in North America are facing mental health challenges. It takes a huge toll on our quality of life, and it’s a $52 billion problem for our economy. WellTrack is an online therapy tool to help businesses and universities improve the wellbeing of their employees and students. By making proven mental health care more accessible, we help your employees and students realize their full potential – one day at a time.

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About Welltrack

Dr. Darren Piercey

Dr. Darren Piercey

WellTrack comes from the research of Dr. Darren Piercey, a professor of psychology at Canada’s University of New Brunswick. He is a leading North American researcher in the use of Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

WellTrack works closely with businesses, universities and colleges, and government departments to provide mental health and wellbeing therapy to thousands of people. This therapy is proven to be effective.

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